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Transformative Nurse Health Coaching with Maria Gingras RN HWNC-BC

Meet Maria 

Board Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Registered Nurse Coach 

As a 12-year experienced RN & someone who suffered from autoimmune diseases for many of those years, I have come to fully see and understand both sides of the current healthcare model. As both a provider & consumer of “the system,” I began to awaken to the realities of the big business it has become, rather than it being a source of long-term healing for humanity. Throughout my years of suffering w/daily chronic pain, severe joint inflammation, neurological disorders, migraines, skin conditions, frequent infections & viruses, amongst many other anomalous physical ailments, I was shuttled from one specialist to another. I was “poked, prodded” & evaluated numerous times to be diagnosed, undiagnosed and re-diagnosed with a plethora of “diseases.” I was trialed on several different medications which usually caused even worse side-effects. I often heard the statements: “we want to send you to another specialist” or there’s really nothing else we can do for you” and “we’re not really sure what you even have, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on the symptoms.”


Each time I heard those words I cringed & felt even more defeated. I started becoming a victim to my diseases- falsely accepting my conditions and the fact that no one could give me the answers I was seeking. Feelings of anxiety & depression further perpetuated my suffering, but eventually led to my awakening & sparked the beginning of an amazing self-healing journey.


What I Specialize In

Holistic Health & Wellness

Adopting Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Working With Veterans


Energy/Spiritual Healing Modalities

SUP Yoga Couple

CREATE...EMBODY & BECOME, The Healthier & Happier YOU! 

The first time I met Maria, at the psychic fair, I received a 20 min healing with an Akashic record reading. While being on my spiritual path, it has been full of ups and downs. I was exposed to a lot of fear that made my day to day filled with anger, worry and more fear. I was pulled to sit with her. I felt the energy! It also helped that her mother (assistant @ the fair) was so kind & gentle. I already felt the love signing up. When receiving my healing/reading I received messages that completely shifted my spiritual path and emotions. I needed it more than anything. From right then and there, I knew I wanted Maria to coach me. I asked her, and Spirit was already on it! The past few months I have been blessed to work with her and even more grateful that the teachings, lessons and the connection have pushed me to strive even more onto my spiritual & wellness path. I cannot wait to see where I am, where this takes me. Maria continues to change my life every single time we meet. Spirit has truly given me the best coach I could ask for. Thank you, Maria- for being you! Being your true authentic self. Thank you for listening to my crazy dreams & stories and giving me the messages to trust myself continuously. Also, the Meditation classes on Wednesdays are absolutely beautiful. Her and Samantha do an amazing job. Can't wait to attend more! You two are so appreciated! With love & light,"

-Sidney Kendall (Jan 2022)

The growth I've experienced in 3 months is not only profound, but also miles more than any other mental health professional have ever encouraged of me in 32 years. Maria's thought processes and approach have truly changed my life and I feel that she is going to encourage profound change for countless other lives."

- Brandi W. (June 2021)

"I found my time with Maria to be such an enlightening experience. She deeply listened to all of me (holistically speaking) and made me feel like I could really open up to her. Through our sessions I realized that I am a highly sensitive person, and by learning some ways to ground my sensitivities they no longer control my life in a negative way. I can now see how mindset makes a huge difference in my response to certain stressors or challenges in my life. Maria always listened to me, and also provided some great resources to use and apply in my everyday life struggles. She truly helped me realize what I can do in my life in order to live a healthier version of myself. Really appreciated her support!" 

- Laurie B. (Feb 2021)

I was feeling overwhelmed and in emotional pain and physical pain.   These conditions have lessened since working with Maria. She has helped me tremendously by guiding me and helping me with valuable tools to use in my everyday life. She is very knowledgeable and caring and has the ability to actively listen with an honest compassionate manner.  I feel like I have a better sense of direction due to our sessions together. I don’t know where I would be headed if it wasn’t for her. She was able to guide and make suggestions, and I am now on a road to a happy, healthy, positive life. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who is in pain mentally and physically, or if you just feel stuck in life."

-Katie T. (Jan 2021)


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