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Meet Maria

Board Certified RN Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Through my own pain & frustration I developed an even deeper sense of understanding of how so many of my patients must have felt over the years- lost, hopeless, confused, suffering and misguided. These realizations fostered even more motivation to heal myself. I was inspired by other healers around me, who took a holistic approach in their own journeys. Through a perspective of “holism” the focus of health & wellness examines & integrates the entire mind, body & soul- ALL aspects which make a person WHOLE. Through this process, I began to adopt new and expansive mindsets and beliefs. I started CHOOSING healthier lifestyle options, created better habits, began meditating regularly and connected deeply with myself. I started listening to what I NEEDED in order to heal. Self-care and shadow work became part of my daily routines (and still remain as such today). I started taking FULL responsibility for my overall state of being, released the need to fix and change things out of my control and refocused my time and energy on the things I could change within me. I began learning and practicing energy work, which not only helped me create the spiritual foundation I was yearning for, but literally transformed my entire life. I realized that ALL answers and solutions were within me, and I no longer felt the need (or desire) to depend on the external healthcare system to heal me. I learned that by changing my internal world for the better, my external world & reality began to massively shift as well. I finally began healing and started living a life of wellness, rather than just “surviving” through all of my illnesses. 


This path eventually led me to Transformative Nurse Health Coaching, which was not only a calling, but THE answer to everything I had put out to the universe. No longer resonating with our current healthcare system, I began searching for a way to combine my years of clinical experience in nursing, with everything I had learned on my own holistic journey. Then nurse coaching came across my radar and seeing it as a synchronistic sign, I knew it was the key to a whole new door within the healthcare realm. 

The healing process can be challenging, non-linear and painful @ times. For me, this is proof however that it’s actually working. As a nurse who has witnessed & experienced true healing, I understand and acknowledge that often times the situation has to feel and appear "worse" before things can get better. Synonymous to the healing of a physical wound, all traumas, DIS-ease and emotional disturbances also need to heal from the INSIDE out. This requires deep & purposeful introspection to uncover the root of the issue. Our modern-day healthcare system more often than not just wants to find the “quick fix” or apply a “Band-Aid” to our healthcare concerns. Unfortunately, this only masks the deeper issues at hand. As a healthcare provider this became increasingly draining to acknowledge as well. I frequently felt as though we were failing our patients, never really offering them any kind of long-term solutions to leading healthy & fulling lives. I saw how "the chronically-ill paradigm" began infiltrating one generation to the next. It started to become disheartening, until I awakened to the holistic mindset/method. This approach gets to the "heart of the problem," thus promoting more sustainable ways in maintaining health and wellness through the longevity of one’s entire life. 

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