"Phoenix Rising"

"From Shadows to SHINE"

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom Video Conference or by Phone

Service Description

In this modality, we will dive extremely DEEP into “shadow work” to bring trauma, pain & unconscious patterns & suffering to Light, so that it can be transmuted into healing wisdom. This is recommended for those who want to catapult their Spiritual journey & foster more personal growth within their everyday lives. In this intensive program, we will complete several different “shadow work” practices, tap into your conscious, subconscious & unconscious thoughts, do an energetic “cord-cutting” activity, explore dream interpretation, meditate, learn discernment, complete journaling exercises & allow Spirit to guide on us on what other forms of healing you’d benefit from. This is for people who are READY to dive into every aspect of their “shadow self” & make the unconscious conscious. The phrase shadow self, coined by Carl Jung, stated the shadow to be “the unknown dark side of the personality.” Jung also said that, “Everyone carries a shadow,” and “The less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” We ALL have aspects of our personalities that we don’t “like,” but when we suppress these thoughts, emotions and/or behaviors they can take an unconscious hold of our lives & often paint our realities from a limited & victimized mindset. By facing that which we perceive to be “negative” (usually born from traumatic experiences) about ourselves (and others) we begin to bring the darkness to Light, freeing all that is withIN us and only wants our loving compassion, understanding & acceptance. The cost is $88/hour & clients can book sessions for 1-2 hours @ a time (based on personal preference) @ a pace that feels intuitively comfortable for each person. There are no allotted timeframes or # of sessions to complete in this package, as everyone will navigate shadow work differently. To book one of these empowering sessions please follow booking link on my other website under specialties w/ Maria. which can be accessed here: https://www.branchesofvibrationalhealing.com/services-7-1; or you may contact me directly to schedule a session!

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Remote Sessions via ZOOM or by Phone Wittmann, AZ, USA