About Warrior Hearts

Warrior Hearts is a Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching Service that is offered through Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC- a multi-modality healing business co-created by two nurses who have a genuine passion for helping humanity. Our mission is to support & guide others on their own healing journeys, so that they too can lead empowering & fulfilling lives. 

Healers are those who heal themselves and inspire, support & encourage others to do the same. They are courageous warriors with inner strength, resilience and compassion- for they fully understand that healing takes HEART. 

My Role as Your Transformative Health & Wellness Coach

As a RN health & wellness coach my mission is to hold space for you, and inspire you to recognize & embrace your own inner truths, innate talents & gifted capabilities. I will provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental container for you to openly express yourself. I will deeply listen, support and encourage your journey- however that may look to you, because I recognize & honor that you're the expert of your own life. I may challenge you to dig deep through self-reflective questions & introspection, as this can empower profound healing & growth. And I'll offer guidance and/or health education when I feel its in service of your highest & best.


I pledge to show up authentically and compassionately for you at all times, because I believe these to be important traits to have when building a trustworthy coach/client relationship. My role is to be a “guiding light” and means of support to encourage you on your individual health & wellness journey. 

While I serve ALL populations, my expertise in nurse coaching includes working with veterans, as well as with other nurses/healthcare professionals, young adults seeking direction in life & people who struggle with addictions & PTSD. My 13-yr clinical background & specialties in nursing include: hospice & end-of-life care, sub-acute/short-term rehabilitation care, geriatrics, case management, chronic disease management, wound care, health insurance & holistic medicine. 

**Aside from my standard nursing background I also have experience & certifications in the following energy healing modalities: Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader & Psychic Medium/Spiritual Intuitive.


Please note, these modalities are offered separate from my coaching services. If clients are interested in these services please visit: https://www.branchesofvibrationalhealing.com for information & bookings with myself or my partner Samantha. Thank you.** :) 


Brief mindfulness exercises will be offered in all nurse coaching sessions per individual client preference.  


Healing Through The "Create, Embody & BEcome" Process 

The individual responsibility, awareness and accountability required to do the inner work for healing can feel overwhelming @ times. The conscious choice to remain an actively-willing & self-compassionate participant throughout the process will heed the most successful results. Self-healing is a BIRTHRIGHT afforded to every human being, should we choose to believe and trust in ourselves & the innate capabilities we all possess. When we open ourselves to new possibilities, mindsets & lifestyles, the outcomes can hold infinite potential. But like any kind of healing modality, nurse coaching only works as much as the client is willing to “work it” on their end. My clients are in the driver’s seat of their own journey, and I’m here to hold the map.


So are YOU ready NOW to pick the destination? What better time to step into the power of being your own healer and master creator of your own life than RIGHT NOW? 


Through the “create, embody, become” approach, YOU’LL create a new life, through expansive mindsets- embody new behaviors & lifestyle changes- and BECOME a healthier & happier version of YOU! Let's get started!